Six Hours in Lucerne Switzerland

I was going to say 'a day' but really it was a much shorter visit! We were in the middle of our month in Tubingen Germany and had quite a list of weekend road trips to choose from but Switzerland is always at the top of the list! We took this tour bus for a day … Continue reading Six Hours in Lucerne Switzerland

Day Trippin’ Around Germany: Konstanz

We departed Tubingen at around 6am for our day trip to Konstanz. It sits on a large lake called Lake Konstanz or Bodensee, thus adding to its attractiveness--it's also on the Swiss-German border adding to its shopping appeal for those Swiss residents looking for cheap Euro* buys! We rode on the Flixbus, (a discount a … Continue reading Day Trippin’ Around Germany: Konstanz

Chasing the Yellow Jersey: the Tour de France in Switzerland

The timing of our Switzerland trip worked out so that we could see  Stage 17 of the Tour de France as it was taking a 'de-tour' through Switzerland! Amazingly I found cheap lodging near the route so our scheming began. Every Tour stage has 2 parts: the caravan and the actual race. The caravan parade consists … Continue reading Chasing the Yellow Jersey: the Tour de France in Switzerland

Switzerland: Steep Tiny Villages with Cheese.

Our Swiss adventure began in July. This was my first time in the Alps and I was SO excited to glimpse them from the plane!  When we landed in Geneva, we grabbed a train to Bex, just south of Aigle. As we passed along Lake Geneva through Lausanne and Montreux, I was astonished at the … Continue reading Switzerland: Steep Tiny Villages with Cheese.