Books on the Nightstand

Spring reading

JOY: Poet, Seeker, and the Woman who Captivated C.S. Lewis.- A thorough-going biography of the woman who would eventually marry Lewis later in life. Truthful and not the wispy broad-brushed telling of ‘Shadowlands.’

Hillbilly Elegy– from the coal camps of my youth comes a true-life account of modern day living in the holler complete with a ending in the halls of influence.


The Brothers Karamozov – Dostoyevsky. FINISHED!!!!!!

Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good- Steve Garber

Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing– Helen Cixious

The Moviegoer– Walker Percy. Fine-grained New Orleans texture with a meandering plot, modernist overtones and angst of young adulthood.

The Confidential Agent– Graham Greene; loved feeling like I was back in war-time England walking the streets of London in the fog.

Crime and Punishment– The first Dostoevsky novel I ever read! Powerful with a female Christ-figure like so many great novels.

4 thoughts on “Books on the Nightstand

    • I was told about it from another writing friend- its very different- definitely not a ‘how to’ book but its the authors interaction with those who have inspired her. She is a French feminist academic so from a very different perspective than I am used to hearing from. So in that regard its kind of refreshing!

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