Six Hours in Lucerne Switzerland

I was going to say ‘a day’ but really it was a much shorter visit! We were in the middle of our month in Tubingen Germany and had quite a list of weekend road trips to choose from but Switzerland is always at the top of the list! We took this tour bus for a day trip departing early.

Here are the highlights!


Hofkirche St. Leodegar

For some reason I found this cathedral quite captivating. In fact, I’d say it was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in Europe. It must be the graceful steeples which seem to rise forever upwards. In the UK, most spires are either blunt square towers or heavily ornamental granite. There was a wedding about to start so we could only glance inside, but the bells were ringing away heralding the ceremony… very impressive and beautiful.


The Kapellbrücke

The post-card worthy Chapel Bridge crossing the river Reuss with its water tower poised by its side. We ambled through with our friends and found that the bridge survived a major fire 25 years ago but you would never know it!


Eine freunde den USA!

We then jumped on short lake cruise to get a better look at Lake Lucerne- it was beautiful of course- except for some pesky clouds!fullsizeoutput_2334fullsizeoutput_2339


Mount Pilatus being shy 

The rest of our day was walking the cityfullsizeoutput_2338fullsizeoutput_24e0fullsizeoutput_233afullsizeoutput_2331

And of course, riding on the autobahn there and back was fun watching the cars go zipping past at blinding speed! We’ll be back, Lucerne, and thanks for a sweet day in Switzerland!


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