I wrote a poem for Scotland- of sorts.

Oh Scotland you are making it impossible to ever leave! Like a sea, your sky breaks and breathes mists, stormy grey. Shy sun. Employing all manner of means to avoid being known. ¬†Stooping low to make eye contact, giving us brief shadows, apologizing for getting our hopes up, sinking quickly with a blush. Your austere … Continue reading I wrote a poem for Scotland- of sorts.

Bookstore Habit: Leakey’s of Inverness

In bleak mid-winter what better place to hide out than a cozy, slightly cluttered, used bookstore with a blazing fireplace: Leakey's is your scene! This is our favorite place to stop in Inverness actually. Bibliophiles will have already heard of this gem of a bookshop- it is truly epic in scale- at least for Scotland! … Continue reading Bookstore Habit: Leakey’s of Inverness