Five Reasons to Visit Scotland in May

Scotland is spectacular year-round but when is the best time to visit? My vote is for May- here's why:         1.) LAMBS! They are everywhere! They are so stinkin' CUTE! I burst into squeals of joy as we drive down the single track road almost hitting a lorry (truck)- they are totes adorbs!! … Continue reading Five Reasons to Visit Scotland in May


Reading Brothers Karamozov in Scotland

  I began reading 'Brother's K' in July of last year. About 450 pages and 8 months later, the plot finally took off in a discernible direction. The only thing that kept me going all the way to the end on page 1054, was my desire to prove to myself that I could read serious … Continue reading Reading Brothers Karamozov in Scotland

Lonely Stones of the North

One thing about ancient civilizations is that the people that made things out of stone get remembered a lot better than the people that used only wood or earth fixtures. The people that lived in Scotland 2000-3000 years ago were believers in stone as is evidenced by the hundreds and hundreds of stone sites that … Continue reading Lonely Stones of the North

From Deepest, Darkest Kittybrewster: a Poem

From deepest, darkest Kittybrewster*- Comes winter dismal and gray;  the darkness is upon us and we hope to get away. Herein lies granite, strong and sturdy- forever it will stand; but it ain't particularly purdy- the city a bit bland. The lights come on at 3pm- to help us find our tea; it comforts us … Continue reading From Deepest, Darkest Kittybrewster: a Poem

The Local Garden of the Heart

I finally took a walk through a garden here in Aberdeen: The Cruickshank Botanical Garden on the campus at the Uni (university). It was a spectacularly sunny day which are rare of late, and the sun was at its' characteristic low angle making most of the day the 'photographer's hour'. I strolled in through its … Continue reading The Local Garden of the Heart

America, I love your food (and other inklings from our trip home)

Hullo there! We've been out of the loop lately and am just now getting back to this fine bit of internet you see before you. Here’s what we’ve been up to since July: In August hubs handed in his master’s thesis and we promptely got on a plane almost the next day to America and to visit … Continue reading America, I love your food (and other inklings from our trip home)

Warmth and Light: photo101

If there is one thing that Scotland has is amazing and continuously changing light. The clouds are unique, creating a moving landscape. Capturing this on film is impossible with my current level of skills! But here is a 'light and warmth' attempt from a recent trip. I like how the sun makes pools of light … Continue reading Warmth and Light: photo101

Solitude: Stones and Hills (photo 101 Day 5)

We took a wee hike today.  On the way we passed one of Aberdeenshire's many archeological mysteries, the Whitehill Stone circle. There are dozens of these things scattered across the countryside (in fact we saw another standing stone on the otherside of the mountain but could not get close enough to get a good picture.) … Continue reading Solitude: Stones and Hills (photo 101 Day 5)

Driving Out Loud

When careening down the 'wrong' side of a curvy road in the hinterlands and suddenly coming upon a busy roundabout, sounds emerge from one’s mouth reflexively that resemble a bad impersonation of a humpback whale. (picture Dori in Finding Nemo) Upon the counsel of the brave man riding shotgun in the left-sided passenger seat, courage … Continue reading Driving Out Loud