We got off ‘the boat’ from Washington, DC in 2014 here in the Granite City, Aberdeen! We’ve taken the plunge when common sense would say stay comfortable and ride out middle age in the suburbs.  Hubs has been at the University of Aberdeen for a PhD in Theological Ethics; I started this blog and am learning to like haggis.  (A slow and painful process I assure you)

Welcome to our rainy, dark, northern, seaside life!

*DEESIDE: refers to the River Dee which flows along the southside of Aberdeen. Its also the ‘nice’ part of town!

See the blue blob? Thats Aberdeen, tho the city is much smaller than that.

See the blue blob? Thats Aberdeen, tho the city is much smaller than that.


All photos and writings are mine so please ask if you want to ‘borrow’ them- thanks!

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  1. We lived in Glasgow for five years – a little further south – and I loved Scotland, apart from the rain and grey. The highlands are magnificent, I love the ruggedness of the scenery. But the other thing I loved about Scotland, apart from the scenery and the people, was the ease with which we could pop over to Europe for a weekend or a week. For an Australian, that’s an enormous bonus.
    I hope you enjoy your time there as much as we did.


  2. That was a huge move for you, and I know what you went through. I am from Scotland (Peebles, just south of Edinburgh), and moved from there to Australia many years ago. Never regretted it but still get homesick from time to time. Can’t get the Scot out of me!
    I will follow your adventures in Aberdeen with great interest, as that is where my mother was from.

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    • Welcome to Aberdeen Lillian! While it is pretty much the opposite of Paris in many ways, it does have its own charms especially once you head west into the Highlands or down the coast! Feel free to ask about getting settled and finding outlets for fun and exploring.
      The American Women’s Association is a good group of ladies for starters.



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