John Knox in Parking Space 23

I did not plan to finish this post so close to All Saint's Day and All Hallow's Eve but that's the way it went. One obvious thing that hits you when you move to Scotland is just how old everything is. We attended a service the other night commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death … Continue reading John Knox in Parking Space 23


Half-baked Thoughts on Edinburgh

I was warned before we went to Edinburgh this past weekend that it is the most beautiful city in the world or at least one of them.  A warning was in order because I had never visited there and we do not live in Edinburgh but in Aberdeen. Hubs was worried that once we visited Edinburgh, … Continue reading Half-baked Thoughts on Edinburgh

First days on the ground

We arrived in Scotland in the waning days of the IBC, Ice Bucket Challenge. That and the ongoing Ebola crisis. I write these things because they are part of the air we were breathing during the great transition that an international move is. We moved into our flat (apartment) September 1 after staying a few … Continue reading First days on the ground

Happy Birthday to our Blog!

And so it begins.... in the midst of world turmoil, pestilence and drama from all corners, we send dispatches from the North Sea. Of ordinary travels in an extraordinary places.  Of taking small chances with our time that we have been given. As the tide of time sweeps us toward a 'certain age', we have, … Continue reading Happy Birthday to our Blog!