Day Trippin’ Around Germany: Konstanz

We departed Tubingen at around 6am for our day trip to Konstanz. It sits on a large lake called Lake Konstanz or Bodensee, thus adding to its attractiveness--it's also on the Swiss-German border adding to its shopping appeal for those Swiss residents looking for cheap Euro* buys! We rode on the Flixbus, (a discount a … Continue reading Day Trippin’ Around Germany: Konstanz


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? in Tubingen, Germany

This was the first time in Germany for both of us and some quirks immediately became apparent: All grocery and most retail stores are closed on Sundays. Hungry? Too bad for you! Germans do not drink tap water! Really. We did the whole month and lived. Germany has banned Google street view. Bread and pastries … Continue reading Sprechen Sie Deutsch? in Tubingen, Germany