Coffee Problems in Paris

Our hotel had no in-room coffee, or tea, or kettle. Thus begins the quest of every traveller- the basic sustenance of life- coffee. ┬áCast into the wilds of Paris, one would think coffee could be easily attained as we tend to assume certain things about Europe: like that its just like America, only smaller and … Continue reading Coffee Problems in Paris

You Might Be in Scotland if…….

The fun of 'cultural adjustments' plus local photo ops make for great top ten lists! Enjoy.... You might be in Scotland if....... #1. Your washing machine is in your kitchen. (And this is your dryer.) #2. The burners on your 'cooker' have 2 settings: 'Off' and 'Nuclear Fission' #3. Your cell phone charger is an … Continue reading You Might Be in Scotland if…….