Bookstore Habit: Leakey’s of Inverness

In bleak mid-winter what better place to hide out than a cozy, slightly cluttered, used bookstore with a blazing fireplace: Leakey's is your scene! This is our favorite place to stop in Inverness actually. Bibliophiles will have already heard of this gem of a bookshop- it is truly epic in scale- at least for Scotland! … Continue reading Bookstore Habit: Leakey’s of Inverness


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? in Tubingen, Germany

This was the first time in Germany for both of us and some quirks immediately became apparent: All grocery and most retail stores are closed on Sundays. Hungry? Too bad for you! Germans do not drink tap water! Really. We did the whole month and lived. Germany has banned Google street view. Bread and pastries … Continue reading Sprechen Sie Deutsch? in Tubingen, Germany

Way up in Orkney: Those Islands off the Northcoast.

I didn't have a huge hankerin' to go to the Orkneys but friends really wanted to go, so we though we'd give it a whirl. We were glad we did.. There was the nice drive up the coast from Inverness to John O'Groats.. yes thats the name of the town on the northern most tip … Continue reading Way up in Orkney: Those Islands off the Northcoast.

Spiritual Tourist: Two-stop Weekend in Northumbria

During our tenure here in Scotland, we've wanted to take in more than just the cliches  of Scottish and English culture like bagpipes, pubs and castles.  We also wanted to enter into the spiritual landscape both present and past. Recently we undertook a pilgrimage -on wheels- to one of the island's more obviously named sites,  'Holy … Continue reading Spiritual Tourist: Two-stop Weekend in Northumbria

Lonely Stones of the North

One thing about ancient civilizations is that the people that made things out of stone get remembered a lot better than the people that used only wood or earth fixtures. The people that lived in Scotland 2000-3000 years ago were believers in stone as is evidenced by the hundreds and hundreds of stone sites that … Continue reading Lonely Stones of the North