Day Trippin’ Around Germany: Konstanz

We departed Tubingen at around 6am for our day trip to Konstanz. It sits on a large lake called Lake Konstanz or Bodensee, thus adding to its attractiveness–it’s also on the Swiss-German border adding to its shopping appeal for those Swiss residents looking for cheap Euro* buys! We rode on the Flixbus, (a discount a carrier like Megabus) from Tubingen and would give it a ‘thumbs up’ rating!

Some snaps of Konstanz with the rain clearing a bitDSC_0616


Glacial turquoise waters of Bodensee


‘Imperia’, one of the most hideous statues ever, guards the harbor. 

Sadly, the statue above dominates the view in the main harbor. Its honestly one of the worst statues imaginable: a half-naked woman holding goblins spinning about directly in front of everything. Oh well!

If you are a church history buff, Konstanz is on point. The Council of Konstanz was held here around 1414 and Jan Hus (yahn hoos) was executed, literally burned at the stake, here in 1415. We toured the house where he allegedly stayed or was imprisoned:


Photos verboten inside!

He was one of the forerunners of the Reformation, a priest who travelled widely in Europe preaching against the failings of the Roman Catholic church of the day.

And this sculpture commemorating the manner of his death was an accidental find:

From Konstanz one can take ferries to any number of lakeside towns- we chose Meersburg, a short jaunt across the lake. It’s in Germany too so no hassle with a border. DSC_0598DSC_0547DSC_0580


Several zeppelins circling overhead


Keeping with our ‘bad Alp-Luck’, it was too cloudy to see the Alps on the southern end of the lake! Bummer. But we remedied that later with a trip to Lucerne! (next post!)

Whats your favorite Alpine lake town?

*Switzerland is on the CHF or Swiss Franc.

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