Driving Out Loud

When careening down the 'wrong' side of a curvy road in the hinterlands and suddenly coming upon a busy roundabout, sounds emerge from one’s mouth reflexively that resemble a bad impersonation of a humpback whale. (picture Dori in Finding Nemo) Upon the counsel of the brave man riding shotgun in the left-sided passenger seat, courage … Continue reading Driving Out Loud

Surfing in Aberdeen

(aside: this is a task for 'Blog class') With winter in a perpetual state of 'meh' and my mental state of similar ilk, I had a sudden spasm of physical activity last week and I jogged two entire miles down to the beach here in Aberdeen!  These visits are rare and are always shocking to … Continue reading Surfing in Aberdeen

You Might Be in Scotland if…….

The fun of 'cultural adjustments' plus local photo ops make for great top ten lists! Enjoy.... You might be in Scotland if....... #1. Your washing machine is in your kitchen. (And this is your dryer.) #2. The burners on your 'cooker' have 2 settings: 'Off' and 'Nuclear Fission' #3. Your cell phone charger is an … Continue reading You Might Be in Scotland if…….

Light, Shadow and ‘Celebrity’ in St. Giles Cathedral

St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, even for the amateur photographer like me, was a bonanza! We went inside on a bit of a treasure hunt. Hubs had said there was a mystery inside but he could not tell me what it was... We were lucky to be there as the sun was playing on the … Continue reading Light, Shadow and ‘Celebrity’ in St. Giles Cathedral