10 Things Scotland does Better than America

(Got a few more posts to squeeze in go before we head back across the pond.) Even after living here for 3+ years, we still do a bit of romanticinzing about the culture and comparing UK to US life- so here goes of few of the things we will miss the most:

  1. Public Toilets! Yep. The most basic things are the most important right? Often called WC’s -water closet-What makes them amazing is that they’re actual CLOSETS! No peek-a-boo gaps…Real privacy! And they are always clean!! Thank you God!

    Quite lovely actually


  2. Roundabouts!!  (Traffic circles) I’ve been converted from dread to delight… Oh the years of my life I have wasted sitting at stop lights in America!!! Think of the fuel savings without all that useless idling!


    Ok so this is actually Paris but you get the idea

  3. Ceildhs!! (pronounced Kaylee) So the U.S.  has line dancing, swing dancing and square dancing, but they aren’t a significant part of the cultural landscape. Ceildhs are a big deal, especially around Burn’s Night (Robert Burn’s birthday) and Hogmany- New Years Eve. Anyone can show up at a ceildh with no experience and no partner and have a great time.IMG_3493
  4. Wander anywhere you want! Its called the ‘Right to Roam’ and you can walk pretty much anywhere except actual house ‘gardens’, military bases, sprouting crops and some pastureland. IMG_1244
  5. Honest packaging on cigarettes. And Braille on drug packaging!IMG_3010IMG_0397


    Braille on meds- Brilliant!

  6. No bumper stickers:  opinions are shared in other ways to be sure, but at least that’s not one of them!
  7. Pop the kettle on! Tea- its the only way they survived two world wars and Thatcher! (LOL)  Except the island is probably sinking under the weight of all the used tea bags. But a steaming hot ‘cuppa’ is spot on when the jet stream whips up a batch of ‘leftover hurricane’ and hurls it upon our shores.  WP_20141114_13_06_10_Pro
  8. 5000 year old things: lots of them. We are getting a bit bored with things that are only a hundred years old ya know?

    Standing Stones of Stenness- Orkney Islands


    Whitehill Stone Circle


    Skara Brae- Orkney

  9. Cars: tiny, compact and oh so fuel efficient and they are cheap to buy.  And a serious bus and train system that will get you most places. (small country advantage!)
  10.  No window screens (no need), no air conditioning (again, what for?), few clothes dryers (energy savings), only one snake (the adder),  brown barn eggs with the fuzz still attached, so fresh they don’t need refrigeration!img_0958.jpg
  11. Bonus: No guns! And the police don’t carry guns either. Never felt safer actually.                I will save my comments about the NHS (National Health Service) til later. The jury’s still out on that one!  So much more that we will miss!!! Its been such an amazing journey!

What are some things you appreciate about Scotland and the UK?

5 thoughts on “10 Things Scotland does Better than America

  1. I have Scots-Irish roots and hope to visit one day. My daughter and her husband may be moving to Glasgow (from Nashville!) for a few years, and are very excited. I’ll share your “perks” with her. Lots of things in Scotland to like, especially No Guns and No Bumper Stickers!

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