Bookstore Habit: Leakey’s of Inverness

In bleak mid-winter what better place to hide out than a cozy, slightly cluttered, used bookstore with a blazing fireplace: Leakey’s is your scene! This is our favorite place to stop in Inverness actually.

Bibliophiles will have already heard of this gem of a bookshop- it is truly epic in scale- at least for Scotland! In fact, its the largest used bookstore in Scotland. Tucked on a side street in center-city Inverness, you’ll find the old church meeting hall turned book lover’s paradise.fullsizeoutput_258d

You mean to tell me there is a reason to go to Inverness that does not involve Loch Ness and some mysterious creature lurking in its waters? Yes!!


Someone found their happy place

Leakey’s opened in this location in 1994, a former Gaelic church dating to 1793.


The spiral stairs up to the balcony full of books, art prints as well as seating.


The til is just there in front of the old pulpit!


Stained glass windows casting a glow over the stacks


Did I mention the roaring fire? Mmm… toasty.


The books are loosely organized according to topic and the owner has pretty good grasp of the inventory so just ask if you’re after a particular title. Lots to choose from obviously! Prices are quite reasonable. The ONLY thing that this place lacks is coffee! But nae bother, easily obtained close by, as you see we did in the above pics.  We’ll be back Mr. Leakey!

What reads are on your list this year? Please share!

Located on Church Street in Inverness, Scotland. Parking on streets. Check their Facebook page for hours!



3 thoughts on “Bookstore Habit: Leakey’s of Inverness

  1. Hi Mary Ann:

    What a fun place to visit!  That’s quite a bookstore.   One can spend many hours enjoying the warmth, hot drink, and good reads there – while it’s howling and raining outside!!

    Happy New Year!   May you experience the Lord’s love in new ways this year.

    Love and blessings,


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