Five Reasons to Visit Scotland in May

Scotland is spectacular year-round but when is the best time to visit? My vote is for May- here’s why:

        1.) LAMBS! They are everywhere! They are so stinkin’ CUTE! I burst into squeals of joy as we drive down the single track road almost hitting a lorry (truck)- they are totes adorbs!!   Example:DSC_0143Lambs are born between late February and early June depending on how far north or south you are, so anytime in spring is good for lamb-spotting. But be warned: always keep your dog on a lead (leash) to prevent ‘sheep distress’! There are news stories every year about dogs killing lambs and causing mature sheep to die from anxiety. Sheep stress is real.

         2. Spectacular Yellow fields stretching across the horizon! The canola/rapeseed            fields are in full bloom in May and they are a sight to behold. Like a yellow and green patchwork quilt blanketing the Shire.. Ahhhh… IMG_2374IMG_2364DSC_0130

       3.) Not to be out done, ‘Gorse‘ comes in a close runner-up in the yellow floral category. A very thorny bloomer, it has a lovely aroma of coconut of all things! It grows wild, appearing as a unruly hedge along roadways and hillsides. Exhibit A:


Gorse near Dunnottar Castle

4.) May is also Election Season! Most UK parliamentary elections have been held in May or June in recent memory so why not tune in to the campaign or election coverage? IMG_2525IMG_2526IMG_2527The really, really good news is, political campaigns in the UK can only last for 4 WEEKS,  by law!! (Not 4 years like they do in the US!) When traveling abroad, witnessing election coverage is a good way to get a taste of the real culture and not just the superficial tourist fare. Here in the UK, they actually have something really odd— more than two choices! What??? Yes there are 3, 4, 5, even 6 viable political parties to choose from! And if one of the smaller ones gets enough votes, they get a seat in parliament! Neato! But wait there’s more!  The winners go to work… FIVE DAYS after the election! Not two or three months later! Shocking efficiency for such an ancient system eh?

     5.) And lastly and perhaps most bigly, in May airfares are cheaper. There was a $500 price  savings for a R/T flight from Aberdeen to Raleigh, NC on my recent trip to the U.S., compared to July. And as May is the holiday ‘shoulder’ season,  queues are much shorter at major attractions such as Dunnottar Castle pictured above.


So come on over and get your kilt on or perhaps just a jumper! (sweater) Yes, you will probably need one in May and perhaps June too. Spring has a hard time getting sorted weatherwise but you might hit upon some bonnie sunshine here on the dry side of Scotland!

7 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Visit Scotland in May

  1. Awesome post!! Love lambs and your advising about stress. Newspaper and politics very interesting and refreshing! 4 weeks by law! Love it!! Photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your insights…love the weather report. “Bonnie”:) blessings, denise

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  2. Those lambs! “Totes adorbs!” They grow up so quickly :^)
    Is that Balmedie in the last picture? My favourite local beach! We were there just yesterday, in fact.
    Being someone from another electoral system again, I find the UK one almost as depressing as the US one… but it is good to be reminded of the positive things in this system.
    Miss you! We should get together really soon…

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