America, I love your food (and other inklings from our trip home)

Hullo there! We’ve been out of the loop lately and am just now getting back to this fine bit of internet you see before you. Here’s what we’ve been up to since July:

Thesis dropbox- so high tech.

Thesis dropbox- so high tech.

In August hubs handed in his master’s thesis and we promptely got on a plane almost the next day to America and to visit our families in Virginia and Chicago. (delayed luggage not withstanding- note to self: never put your computer’s power cable in your checked bag!)    We were hot!!! It felt so good to be warm and to actually walk outside with short sleeves! We had forgotten what that was like. And of course, it was good to be home sweet home in America; for all its apoplexy over every.single.thing. its still home!

We hugged and talked and visited with my Mom and sister in Danville, brother in Richmond, sister in Roanoke and a spent a night at Natural Bridge. We ate grits, pancakes, Chic-fil-a, mexican food, biscuits from Biscuitville and anything and everything that is NOT Scottish food. My theory about UK food is that its one way to control immigration: noone will want to stay because the food is so bleah! (ok yes you can get almost any cuisine in the cities, but you will pay ££££ for it.)



Then we flew to Chicagoland to visit hub’s family where we stayed in the same bed for the whole time. Rest! They have a ancient personable cat, Zar, who likes to talk about her feelings in the wee hours of the morning. Chicago also has a eatery called Egg Harbor; this is my fantasy come true: a breakfast menu that is almost endless: not just french toast but 2 or 3 types of french toast; not just pancakes but blueberry or granola or banana pancakes! plus skillet options! bacon! you get the idea…. ok enough about that.



      We also were finally able to visit the Wade Center at Wheaton College which houses the ‘Inklings’ museum! The Inkling’s were a cadre of authors and friends -do the names Lewis and Tolkien ring a bell?- who had their apogee in mid-20th century Britain but their influence ripples on through today. Displayed are items of interest belonging to George McDonald, Dorothy Sayers, Charles Williams, Owen Barfield. But the reason most nerds like us visit the museum is to see THE Wardrobe.IMG_1222


This is the wardrobe of Chronicles of Narnia fame which reportedly stood in C S Lewis’ home in Oxford and inspired the tales we know and love today. And of course said wardrobe is still filled with fur coats so you may poke your head in a try to feel the chill of a Narnia winter wafting through. Also on display are the desks where Lewis wrote the ‘Chronicles’ and his other notable works as well as the suprisingly undersized desk where Tolkien penned ‘Lord of the Rings’.    Theory: Desk size may be inversely proportional to scope of imagination.

JRR Tokein's desk

JRR Tolkein’s desk

The desk of C.S. Lewis

The desk of C.S. Lewis

After a month back in Aberdeen, the Phd has started for hubs and I worked full-time at the hotel while staffing was short.  So my writing ‘career’ will resume forthwith and without delay!

4 thoughts on “America, I love your food (and other inklings from our trip home)

  1. Glad you had a warm and yummy visit. I hope it wasn’t too difficult to return to the land of cold and bleh….after all, it appears to also be the land of green and gorgeous😉 Love you two and hope the dissertation will go quickly and smoothly.


  2. You mentioned Chick-fil-A! You’re killing me… I’m craving that and Popeyes. I Hashley applied to Wheaton College myself as a high school senior but did not get in. I have always heard interesting and fascinating items there. How I would have loved to visit the CS Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien items! We really must get together and talk! So interested in knowing more about you.


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