Warmth and Light: photo101

If there is one thing that Scotland has is amazing and continuously changing light. The clouds are unique, creating a moving landscape. Capturing this on film is impossible with my current level of skills! But here is a ‘light and warmth’ attempt from a recent trip.



I like how the sun makes pools of light on the ocean, the amazing coastline doesn’t hurt either!  (Dunnottar Castle in distance from a hike last fall)

2 thoughts on “Warmth and Light: photo101

  1. I still find it impossible to capture the quality of colour and light in Scotland. It has to be seen to be believed. I would love to be able to paint it as I am convinced I would be able to replicate the colours as I had seen them. Until then I am more than happy to indulge just being there in that moment. So glad you can appreciate her beauty.


  2. Hello from the Scottish ex-pat living in Oz!
    I think you captured light and warmth in both of your photos. Warmth was the first think that came to mind when I saw your first one. The lighting in the second one has a certain glow about it – was it taken at the ‘golden hour’? Great pictures!


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