Total-almost- Eclipse

IMG_0513 This was the first time in my life I think, that I have lived in the path of a near total eclipse. Northern Scotland was the place to be apparently for the partial eclipse that occured Friday morning. I think the spot for 100% total eclipse was in the Faroe Islands very far north of here or on a eclipse cruise ship in the ocean. (The next eclipse for you American readers will be in August 2017 and its going to be epic: it will travel coast to coast and be visible in most lower 48 states. I suggest if you live in Paducah Kentucky you will be able to rent out that spare bedroom for some big $$$$ that week. The media frenzy is going to epic. The Weather Channel will probably name it ‘Total Eclipse Harold’ since everything in America must have a brand.)

Near Aberdeen (not my photo!) Dunnottar Castle in foreground

Near Aberdeen (not my photo!) Dunnottar Castle in foreground of eclispe

Back to me. I was originally hoping to observe the eclipse on the beach here in Aberdeen but then I discovered I would be at a new job during that time so my venue would have to be the parking lot of said employment. As it turns out, my new coworkers were also stoked about the eclipse and as I was the only bearer of the genuine-issue eclipse glasses, they were quite popular. They worked well for viewing the little orange slice of sun as it slowly receded behind the moon. But there was some cloud cover off and on so we were able to look directly at the sun shielded as it was by the clouds and see the perfect outline of the eclipse. Hopefully we did not sustain eye damage! Also, we viewed the eclipse as it was reflected in surface of our phones. That seemed a little less risky.  It didn’t get terribly dark here as the sun neared 95% coverage  but the dusky-ness was unusual because the sun was still high in the sky and it wasn’t raining.



Where will you be in August 2017? Probably somewhere in the path of the next eclipse….. I”m keeping my glasses just in case.

2 thoughts on “Total-almost- Eclipse

  1. Great to see, wasn’t it? It wasn’t as close to total here in Bristol as it was in parts of Scotland, but still amazing. I was at work at the flower shop, so had to keep nipping out the front to look.
    It’s a fortunate coincidence for us all alive today that the sun and the moon are at the right distance to size ratio for the phenomenon to occur- in a few million years (according to the lovely Prof Brian Cox) there will be no more total eclipses because the moon will have travelled too far away for it to happen.
    Gorgeous photo, too. Lovely 🙂


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