Surfing in Aberdeen

(aside: this is a task for ‘Blog class’)

With winter in a perpetual state of ‘meh’ and my mental state of similar ilk, I had a sudden spasm of physical activity last week and I jogged two entire miles down to the beach here in Aberdeen!  These visits are rare and are always shocking to me. How can I go for weeks and months without taking in the infinity of the ocean, the restlessness of the tides, the unceasing arrival of fresh breezes?  The day was clear and brisk with a sharp chill but this did not deter three surfers from the waves, which by the way, were EPIC.  Ok maybe not ‘north shore of Oahu’ epic. But for Scotland- epic.  The waves were big enough for a brief heroic tube ride before the inevitable wipe out. Here’s a vid of the surfers.


What- you can’t see them very well? Ok, this isn’t the best pic- which brings me to a point of frustration: carrying around my iphone 4 which takes pretty lame pictures of semi-spectaluar scenery. (For full-spectacular, I’m afraid one must leave Aberdeen)  I have a ‘serious’ camera, a heavy Nikon, but I use that for capturing the ‘real’ sites of Scotland and beyond (see right hand margin!).  Thankfully, its really hard to make a beach look bad on film/pixel… they have a beauty which withstands even being hacked by the Instagram ‘toaster’ setting for pete’s sake!

So goodbye beach, for now…. I’ll be back before spring…..promise.


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