Intro for Blogging 101 Class

(As a bit of backtracking, I’m starting a wordpress blogging course online this month so our first assignment is introductions and why are we blogging!)d

I’m writing to you from Scotland, from a little chilly flat a few miles from the North Sea. Its clear and cold and I’ve not ventured out today- the ground has a fresh dusting of snow. Hubs is at the University where today his class is discussing Augustine, among other ancients. We have been here for 5 months, though it feels like much longer- the winter is passing slowly here in the higher latitudes we are finding.

This blog will have the themes of my passions: travel and photography both of Scotland and wherever we can venture to from here. But these themes seem confining. The heart and soul are a greater landscape to explore than can be captured by the passport and lens. So I’ll go there when the mood strikes. We are also a bit more ‘mature’ than your average grad student couple so I will explore how that lens shapes our perceptions of time and the experience of expat communal life.

I love writing when I actually do it, so I need this course and look forward to hanging out with all of you!

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