Ah.. Paris in the Wintertime

Ah…  Paris in the winter….. in the rain….aaand just after a major incident. What could be better? Actually it was great. It was the first visit for both of us and we found Paris to be one of those cities that despite the chill, the rain, the added security, it never stops doing what it does best:

Making baguettes!

Seriously… the locals would have a baton poking out of their bags, tucked under an arm or snacking on them while commuting..  Armed with their pain du jour (bread of the day) they could deal with anything.

And then of course there is the Louis XVI architecture, charm and romance in the air, patisseries around every corner serving up Nutella crepes and espresso, the higher-percentage-than-normal of fashionably dressed and good looking people (certainly higher than Aberdeen!), and the language exotic and tempting. I actually deployed my stockpile of 200 French words with little harm done to the local people. They usually answered me in English so the gig was up in short order.

Oh and did I mention the baguettes? Yes, I believe I did.

So in the cause of aiding the French economy we suffered through a tour of French cuisine offerings — each cafe more quaint than the last– croque monsieur anyone?


Ham, bread and ALOT of cheese! aka croque monsieur


In between crepes and lattes,


2 Lattes + 2 crepes = 8 alot

2 Lattes + 2 crepes = 8 alot

we fell in love with our little neighborhood of Montmartre.  Montmarte is quintessential Paris; narrow, winding, cobbled streets with stairs ascending to tiny cafes with inviting coziness and menus that both mystify and entice.

DSC_0871The highest point in Paris, Montmartre is crowned with 2 churches, the cloud-like Sacre Couer, visible for miles around and the smaller St. Pierre where St. Ignatius founded the Jesuit order. We knew nothing about the neighborhood until we stepped off the Abesses Metro and were pleasantly surprised. I had found an AirBnB flat online and staying there ended up being our favorite part of the trip— With one exception…

Le Cafe des Chats! (cats)

Up next:   Paris- Part Deux- Meow, Museums and More


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