You Might Be in Scotland if…….

The fun of ‘cultural adjustments’ plus local photo ops make for great top ten lists! Enjoy….

You might be in Scotland if…….

#1. Your washing machine is in your kitchen.


(And this is your dryer.)


#2. The burners on your ‘cooker’ have 2 settings: ‘Off‘ and ‘Nuclear Fission


#3. Your cell phone charger is an illegal weapon in 26 states.


#4. Your local 7-11 sells 30 types of Single Malt whisky.


#5. You find yourself in the land ‘Where Fashion Goes to Die’


#6. You’re walking down the street and see…


#7. There are more sheep than people   (fact!)


#8. You don’t think $7.00 is too much to pay for coffee and a muffin:



#9. You can forget about pronouncing the street you live on*



And last #10. You’ve died and arrived in culinary hell:


Yes friends this is real. I wish I were kidding.

*not our street

Coming Soon:    DC  Versus  Deeside: SMACKDOWN  Are you ready to ruuuumbllll????

3 thoughts on “You Might Be in Scotland if…….

  1. Enjoying your posts, Mary Ann. It brings back such memories of living in England. Quite the adjustment but hope you see the humor in it and soon it will all see normal. Miss you.
    Love, Debbie


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