Light, Shadow and ‘Celebrity’ in St. Giles Cathedral

St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, even for the amateur photographer like me, was a bonanza! We went inside on a bit of a treasure hunt. Hubs had said there was a mystery inside but he could not tell me what it was…DSC_0796

We were lucky to be there as the sun was playing on the western windows, creating the beauty that the builder’s envisioned. Even though they ask you to chip in £2 for the privilege of taking photos inside, its well worth it. We wandered and I wondered what the little surprise might be that lurked in the passageways or lept from the towering ceilings.


And then hubster led me to a little chapel hidden in a back corner…. saying that the ‘mystery’ was his father’s favorite thing in ALL of Scotland! The chapel was filled with the handiwork of master carvers of wood sculpture and lattice works.


And finally ….there she was…. the little angel playing the bagpipes! Can you see the little figure in the middle below? Hard to get close to really see it. But apparently she’s a famous celebrity, and indeed the reason some even visit the cathedral at all…. there were dozens of other angels and animals of every description but none quite so distinctively cute and Scottish this one.


Since a certain relative’s birthday was coming up, hubs decided to visit the cathedral gift shop and now a little bagpipe angel replica is safely ensconced in a his father’s study in the states! She flew without difficulty to America and her tune now continues far afield of St. Giles. Cheers to the little angel and to the woodcarver whose whimsy lives on.

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