Narnia Time



The fact that we just passed the 6 week mark of arriving here in Aberdeen blows our minds. It feels like we’ve been here 6 months at least! The other day, we saw the little Thai restaurant where we ate on the first night we were here and said to one another, ‘that was another lifetime wasn’t it?’ This must have been what it was like for the kids in the C.S. Lewis books to visit Narnia. They step out of their normal lives and spend months and years in Narnia and upon returning to this world find only a few minutes have passed.

I called my sister last week for the first time and asked what all was going on and she was like … ‘um, not much new’.  She was not in the Narnia time warp like we were and was still on ‘real world’ time where it moves at normal rate. But I understand how it is, given the fragmented nature of life in D.C., it could be months before I realized that people in my church, workplace or neighborhood had moved on.

This phenomenon is common to vacationers too. The days are full with different experiences, food, options for fun and escape, then when you return home you find that few even knew you were gone. It’s a bit of a disappointment actually. Maybe this is one of the casualties of facebook and instagram: that posting updates while still on vacation decreases the interest that might otherwise have been created by one’s absence while on said adventure? But then again, without the selfies in front of [insert major landmark] they might not have known you were gone in the first place! Its a strange world.

No worries, if you are reading this, you have probably noticed that we aren’t in D.C. anymore and we will continue to post more pictures from ‘Narnia’ than humans should be allowed to post!


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